The Sepia Woman

She lives alone. She bathes in solitude, enveloped by a dark, thick inky shroud. Others mistake it for indifference or negativity. To her it is protection, a shield. From a vulnerability that threatens to suffocate and destroy. It is not sad. Though tears are often present. Outside a wild and beautiful thunderstorm rattles the window panes of her sanctuary. … More The Sepia Woman

A Romp through the Women’s Voices that Shaped my World.

On this ‘International Woman’s Day’ it seems fitting to reflect on my journey to becoming a woman through paying homage to some of the most incredible women that have inspired me to grow and irrevocably shaped my destiny. But before I delve into that I wanted to say a little something about feminism. Sadly this word has … More A Romp through the Women’s Voices that Shaped my World.


According to Clarissa Pinkola Estes an inspiratrice is “a person who when you are near them make you feel as though you want to create. The person has the gift of being an inspiratrice will fire up other people to not conform but to perform. To perform the greatest creative deeds in life according to … More inspiratrice

SHE is me.

So it took until the last night of this pilgrimage for HER to really speak to me. To start to open to the questions I am asking. And there’s a lot of them. They are of course all linked and I have the feeling that if I could just make some concrete sense of any … More SHE is me.

The Pleasure Principle

  One thing I have learned from my practice of Tigress Yoga is that when one’s sensuality begins to feel lacklustre and routine has dampened a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, the first place to go to begin to rekindle the flames of desire is pleasure. Parisians it seems are effortlessly attuned to the experience … More The Pleasure Principle