Becoming Animal

more and more there is this animal

looking out through my eyes…‘ ani difranco

As a yoga teacher of a very specific embodiment practice designed for women called Tigress Yoga™, I am slowly becoming more and more attuned to my felt sense of the world, my primal nature. This awareness has given me access to my body in ways I never dreamed were possible and like the beautiful animals that i share my home with, I am developing the ability to take in all that I hear, see and feel and move it through my body, commune with it, roar, growl and stretch with it till it settles inside and I am at peace. My listening field is growing now as my whole body learns to breathe and take in sensations and messages from people, the earth, the air. And my trust in that has grown to such an extent that finally my active mind is taking a back seat accepting it’s ‘place’ as a filter to communicate these thoughts and sensations instead of racing in to run the show. My dog Jasper has this endearing habit of growling from deep inside when he is being patted much like the purr of a cat experiencing pleasure and I just love accessing this primal pleasure response in myself through my daily practice.

David Abram has written 2 exquisite books called , ‘The Spell of the Sensuous‘ and ‘Becoming Animal‘ in which he eloquently reminds us of our connection to the sensual world,

How monotonous our speaking becomes when we speak only to ourselves! And how insulting to the other beings – to foraging black bears and twisted old cypresses – that no longer sense us talking to them, but only about them, as though they were not present in our world…Small wonder that rivers and forests no longer compel our focus or our fierce devotion. For we walk about such entities only behind their backs, as though they were not participant in our lives. Yet if we no longer call out to the moon slipping between the clouds, or whisper to the spider setting the silken struts of her web, well, then the numerous powers of this world will no longer address us – and if they still try, we will not likely hear them…

As we begin to tune in, there’s an eerieness that dawns when we realize that most other animals are also listening closely to the discourse of the birds, and have been doing so all their lives.’



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