The Waiting Room

The soul image of the waiting room has captured my imagination tonight. For me in dreams I am often waiting in the wings of a theatre to ‘sing my song’ often unsure what it is, or terrified that I won’t know the words. Mrs Jung saw this image as an essential positive quality of the … More The Waiting Room

On becoming a woman

I recently changed the title of this blog as it is becoming clearer and clearer that the only real goal for me through all this enquiry, living, loving, listening and being, is learning how this person/ body/ self/ thing I inhabit operates. This Woman. When at the age of 25 I read Henry Miller write … More On becoming a woman

Becoming Animal

‘more and more there is this animal looking out through my eyes…‘ ani difranco As a yoga teacher of a very specific embodiment practice designed for women called Tigress Yoga™, I am slowly becoming more and more attuned to my felt sense of the world, my primal nature. This awareness has given me access to my … More Becoming Animal


The degree to which we cannot deeply feel our body’s interior is the degree to which we crave excessive external stimulation. The way we know we’re alive is rooted in our capacity to feel, to our depths, the physical reality of aliveness embedded within our bodily sensations- through direct experience. This, in short, is embodiment.’ … More embodiment